Can I have a free trial of the ezTalks service?

For Meetings

  1. ezTalks Meetings has a free starter plan. Once you sign up an ezTalks account, you can use ezTalks for free.
  2. The starter plan has all the basic features of the professional plan and is limited to 40 minutes for each meeting. There is no limit on the number of meetings you can have.
  3. When you are in the free meeting, you will receive a reminder of updating the plan 10 minutes before the meeting automatically ends. You can upgrade the plan during the free meeting and it will take effect immediately.

For Webinar

ezTalks provides 100 minutes in total for free trial of the webinar. It supports 25 participants to join your webinar and you can set one as a presenter in your webinar.

There is no limit on how long the 100 minutes validate. If the 100 minutes run out, you can upgrade the plan.


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