Cloud Recording

You can cloud record a meeting or webinar on your Windows/Mac/Android/iOS devices. After you record a meeting/webinar, you can watch it from the web browser, share it to others and download it to your local computer.

Please note: the cloud recording is only availabe to paid account. If you are using a free account, you can use local recording.

Questions 1  How do I enable cloud recording?

For ezTalks webinar, you can enable cloud recording when scheduling a webinar. Then when you start the webinar, it will start recording automatically. Please check the article here.

If you forget to enable cloud recording when scheduling a webinar, you can also enable cloud recording in the webinar room after you start it.

For ezTalks Meetings, after you start a meeting, you can find the recording icon and enable Cloud Recording:

Please note:

If you use mobile apps, it only supports cloud recording. After you start a meeting, please refer to the screenshot below to find Cloud Recording:

Question 2  How do I view & share the cloud recording files?

You can find the recording the file on the dashboard Storage page

Right click on the recording file, you can:

  • Rename: rename the file.
  • Play: play the file from the web browser.
  • Share: you can share the file to others. You can configure the share options as below:
  • Get Shareable links: you can send the link to others.
  • Download: you can download it to your computer.
  • Move to Trash: you can move it to trash. It will not clear up your storage when moving to trash. If you need to clear up the space, you need to delete the file in the Trash

Question 3 What is the format of the recording file?

The format of the recording files is MP4. Cloud recording does not support recording audio only. If you just need to record audio, you can choose local recording on your Windows or Mac.  


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