Frequently Asked Questions about ezTalks Webinar
  • Updated on 26 May 2020
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Frequently Asked Questions about ezTalks Webinar

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1. Any tips to hold a webinar?

Tip 1. Practice, Practice, Practice

It is highly recommended that you practice before hosting a formal webinar. You need to be familiar with the platform and test all the features that you may need to use during your webinar.

Tip 2. Once you publish a webinar and share the link, don't edit the webinar anymore

You can read the detailed guide to schedule a webinar . Once you publish a webinar, there are some settings that cannot be changed anymore. For example, if you turn the registration on, you cannot turn it off. Therefore, make sure everything is ready to go before you publish it. Otherwise, you need to schedule a new one.

Tip 3. Do you have a panelist? The Panelist needs to join a webinar via app

The webinar is one-way communication, so all your participants can join the webinar via web browser. But if you need someone to talk or present, you can invite them as panelist and the panelist needs to join the webinar via the ezTalks app. You can read the article of how to invite people to join your webinar .

Tip 4. Is it a webinar with large number of registrants? You need an assistant

If you are going to host a large webinar, you may need an assistant. The most recommended way is: the assistant starts the webinar as a host, the presenter joins the webinar as a panelist. So during the webinar, the presenter can focus on the presentation and the assistant can focus on the participants and chat.

Tip 5 Start the webinar at least 10 minutes ahead of the scheduled time

Your participants may join in advance. So it is recommended that you can start it at least 10 minutes in advance. You can share screen with sharing computer sound and play a music so that they know it is going to start.

Tip 6 Copy and Paste the questions from participants

When you make the presentation, the participants may ask questions from time to time. It is recommended that your assistant can copy and paste the questions before being flooded.

2. How can I see all participants in a webinar?

From the Participant list on ezTalks app, it only shows the participants joining from the app, you cannot see the participants joining from the web browser. But you can see all the participants from the dashboard:
Go to My webinar page and click on the More button on the right side and you can see View Joining Details:

3. Can I disable the chat feature from participants?

You can turn off the chat feature when scheduling a webinar, or limit the chat to allow the participants to chat with host only or chat with everyone and host.

But it is only effective for the participants joining from the web browser. If the participants join from the app, they can still send chat. We are working on this feature to limit chat from the app as well.

4. Can I export the chat records of a webinar?

We are working on this feature of exporting chat records from the dashboard. If you need to chat history, please contact us and we can export it for you.

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