Getting started with ezTalks on mobile devices
  • 26 May 2020
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Getting started with ezTalks on mobile devices

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As a host of a meeting or webinar, you need to use the ezTalks app to start your meeting or webinar. This article will show you how to use the mobile app.

Step 1. Find the ezTalks app

On your mobile device, you can download the ezTalks app from the download center or go to the respective app stores to download it for free.

For iOS, visit the Apple App Store and search "ezTalks Video Meetings"

For Android, visit Google Play and search "ezTalks Video Meetings"

Step 2. Sign in your ezTalks account

After you install the app on your mobile device, you can sign in with your existing ezTalks account or use your Google or Facebook account to sign in.

If you do not have an account with ezTalks, you can select "Sign Up " to create a new ezTalks account.

Note: if you only need to join a meeting, it is not necessary to sign up an account.

Step 3. To start

After you sign in, you can see the Meetings page of the app as below.

On the ezTalksMeetings page, you can:

  • Schedule a future meeting and invite your attendees
  • Start an instant video meeting
  • Start an instant audio meeting
  • Join an on-going meeting
  • Check the upcoming meetings list
  • Check the history meetings list
  • Check the recurring meetings list

Step 4 Learn about the Messages page

Click on the second icon on the bottom and you can find the Messages page where you can chat with your contacts. You can also get contact with the 24/7 ezTalks Team for help on this page:

Step 5 Learn about the Contacts page

Click on the third icon on the bottom and you can find the Contacts page:

On the Contacts page, you can:

  • Add a contact by entering the email address
  • Import your Google or Outlook contacts
  • Start a video/audio call with your contact
  • Send an IM to your contact

Step 6 Learn about the More page.

Click on the fourth icon and you can find the More page:

On the More page, you can:

  • Click on My device to add the ezTalks Onion and use the Onion to start/join a meeting.
  • Click on the Meetings option to turn on/off the video, microphone and speaker when starting/joining a meeting. Moreover, you can select to automatically mute all particiapnts when joining your meeting.
  • Click on the Messages option to turn on/off the message sound and show preview text.
  • You can follow ezTalks on Twitter, rate the app, chat with the eztalks support team and link to the help center page.
  • Click on About to check the version of the app.
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