How to make contacts into groups?
  • Updated on 27 May 2020
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How to make contacts into groups?

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ezTalks allows you to create contact groups from different platforms:

  1. from the user center page

  2. from the mobile app

Case 1 Add contact groups on the user center page

  1. Sign in the user center page with your ezTalks account.

  2. Click on Contacts on the left side menu and click on Create Group as below:


After you create the group, you can:

  • Change the group name
  • Add new members
  • Delete members
  • Delete the group
  • Start a meeting with the group

Case 2: Add contact group on the mobile app

  1. Sign in the ezTalks app on your Android or iPhone/iPad.

  2. Go to the Contacts page and click on Create Group :


  3. Select the contacts you want and press OK :


  1. You can also change the Group name as below:


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