How to Add Meet S to the ezTalks APP?
  • 26 May 2020
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How to Add Meet S to the ezTalks APP?

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This article is about how to add Meet S to the ezTalks app. Learn how to install the Onion .
If you have already connected the Meet S to your router with an ethernet cable, you can directly add the Meet S to your ezTalks app on a Windows/Mac computer. However, if you need to connect the Meet S to your wifi network, you need to use your mobile device( Android or iOS) to add the Meet S and configure the wifi connection.
Case one On mobile app

  1. Sign in the ezTalks app on your Android phone, iPhone or iPad.
  2. Go to More--Rooms:

Note: you can also add the Meet S without signing in as below. Go to More--My Rooms:


  1. Then click on the + icon:
  2. Scan the QR code on the TV:
    Note: You can also enter the Onion ID on the mobile app to add the device. The Onion ID can be found on the TV/Monitor which has been connected to the Onion.
  3. If you have already connected the Onion to your router with an Ethernet cable, the adding process is finished and you can use the Onion to host a meeting or join a meeting. If you need to connect the Onion to the wifi network, you need to set up the network by entering the wifi name and password.

Case two On PC app

  1. Sign in the ezTalks app on your Windows or Mac computer. If you do not know how to sign in, click here .

  2. On the ezTalks app, click on the My Device icon as below:

  3. Then click on the + icon and input the Onion ID, which will be displayed on the TV or monitor.

  4. After you add the Onion, it will be listed on the My Devices page. You can right click on it to change the name or remove it:

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