How to run Google Hangouts on the Meet Pro?
  • 26 May 2020
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How to run Google Hangouts on the Meet Pro?

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Google Hangouts is based on the Google Play Service, while the Meet Pro does not support Google Play service currently, so the app version of the Google Hangouts cannot run on the Meet Pro. However, you can use the web version of the Google Hangout on the Meet Pro. Here are the steps:

Step 1 Connect a mouse and keyboard to the Meet Pro.
Step 2 Go to the Home page of the device:


Step 3. On the Home page, open the Google Chrome browser and type in the URL:

Step 4. It will direct you to the Google Play page. To change it to the web version, please go to the three-dots icon on the up right corner of the browser and go to check the box of Desktop Site:

Step 5 Sign in your Google Hangouts account after changing it to Desktop site and you can start a video call.
The page returns to Google Play page again, so please repeat the step 4 and change the setting to “Desktop site” again.

Step 6 After you start a video call, you may see the notification as below:
No need to click “Block” or “Allow”. PleaseRight click on the page several times until the notification disappears.

Step 7. After the notification box above disappears, please click the lock icon in the address bar as below and go to the Site Settings to allow camera and microphone.

Step 8. Click on the Access your camera and choose Allow . Then repeat the same step for Access your microphone .

Then you can go back to the google hangout page and start a video call.


  1. If the Access your camera and Access your microphone are greyed out, you can go to Android Settings first to allow camera and microphone for the Google Chrome.
    Go to Pemissions:
    Turn on the permission for Camera and Microphone as below. Then go back to Site Seetings .
  2. Every time you start a video call, it will redirect to the Google Play page, therefore, you need to check the Desktop Site as Step 4.
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