Quick Start Guide of Meet Pro
  • 26 May 2020
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Quick Start Guide of Meet Pro

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Part 1 Product Overview

1. Power button: on the side panel of the device.
● In the power-off state, press the power button for 3 seconds to power it on.
● In the power-on state, press the power button for 3 seconds to power it off.

2. Interface of the back panel:
1SIM card port
SD card port
1Power port
Audio output
1Audio input
USB port
1Ethernet port: 10/100/1000mbps(adaptive)
HDMI port

Part 2 Phycial connection

Step 1. Connect the Meet Pro to a TV/projector via a HDMI cable.
Step 2. Connect a wireless keyboard and mouse to the Meet Pro.
Step 3. Connect an ethernet cable to the Meet Pro(optional, you can skip it and use wifi network instead)
Step 4. Connect the power adapter to the device and power it on by pressing the power button for 3 seconds.

Part 3 Connect to the wifi network

Step 1. After you power on the Meet Pro, you can see the startup page with the shortcuts of five default apps, which are ezTalks, Gotomeeting, Skype, Team and Zoom. You can also see the toolbar on the bottom as below:
Step 2. Click on the Home button on the bottom and then go to the Settings page:
Step 3. Then you can connect the Meet Pro to the wifi network.

Part 4 How to go back to the Startup page?

Step 1. After connecting the device to the wifi network, then you can use different software for video conferencing. Click on the floating button on the bottom right corner as below:

Step 2. Then you can click on Return to startup screen and you can find the shortcuts of the different apps.

Step 3. If you need to use third-party software, then you can refer to their manuals about how to use the software on Android device. If you need some other software which is not installed yet in the Meet Pro, you can download the apk file of the software on your computer first, then copy/paste it to the Meet Pro.
If you need to use the ezTalks Rooms software, please refer to the Part 5.

Part 5 How to use the ezTalks Rooms software?

Step 1. Open the ezTalks Rooms software on the Meet Pro.
On the startup page, click on ezTalks icon:
And you will see a page as below:
downloads.intercomcdn.comio8138394992c03e0b3dc87a1d236ec610image-11.pngOn the Rooms page, you can see the Room ID andVerification Code , which will be used on the ezTalks app.
Step 2. Install the ezTalks app on another device (Windows/Mac/iOS or Android)
Go to the link below to download and install the ezTalks app on another device

You can use a Windows/Mac PC or an iOS/Android device to install the ezTalks app.
Step 3. Add the ezTalks Rooms on the ezTalks app
For desktop app, go to the Rooms icon on the top right corner and click on + button to add theRoom ID showing on the ezTalks Rooms page:
For mobile app, go to More--> Rooms to add a room.
Step 4 Start a Meeting with ezTalks Rooms
You can start a video or audio meeting on the app through the room that has been added.
Please check the gif below, which is about how to start a video meeting with room on a PC:
Please note:

  • It requires to input the verification ID showing on the ezTalks Rooms page (see Step 1 )
  • In the meeting, you can easily switch to current device to have the meeting or switch back to Rooms.

For mobile app, you can also start/join a meeting or webinar through a Room:
Step 5 Join a Meeting with ezTalks Rooms
Once the host starts a meeting with ezTalks Rooms, the attendees can join the meeting from another ezTalks Room, or directly from the ezTalks PC/mobile app.
The gif below is about how to join a meeting from another ezTalks Room:
For how to join a meeting directly from the ezTalks PC/mobile app, please learnhow to join a meeting .

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