What can I do if I fail to log in the ezTalks app?
  • Updated on 26 May 2020
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What can I do if I fail to log in the ezTalks app?

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Sometimes when you try to sign in the ezTalks app on your PC, it shows "fail to connect to the server" or "network error". You can do some simple troubleshooting to figure it out.

Step 1:Check if the Internet connection is stable.

You can try a few times to see if it succeeds. If you have other available network, try to connect to another network or your mobile hotspot and see if it succeeds.

Step 2:Check if there is VPN or proxy server in your network.

If yes, please disable the VPN or proxy server, which may block the ezTalks ports.

Step 3:Check if there is network restriction if you use company network or public network.

Click on the Windows key andR key on your keyboard, input cmd and then press Enter . Then run the commands:

  1. ping api.eztalks.com -t

  2. ping s-im-a.eztalks.com -t

  3. telnet api.eztalks.com 80

  4. telnet s-im-a.eztalks.com 21000

If you do not know how to run commands, ask your IT guy to help.Here is a demo gif:

If you use Mac computer, go to Launchpad and search Terminal on your Mac computer, then run the commands as above.

Step 4 If you cannot telnet the ports above, ask your IT department to open ports in your network.

The Ports that ezTalks uses are:

  1. t.eztalks.com 8888 (TCP)

  2. t.eztalks.com 1089 (TCP & UDP)

  3. api.eztalks.com 80 (TCP)

  4. api.eztalks.com 443 (TCP)

  5. s-im-a.eztalks.com 21000 (TCP)

  6. s-onion-a.eztalks.com 11000 (TCP)

Step 5 If it still does not work after opening ports, send the system log of the app to ezTalks support team.

For Windows computer, go to This PC--Documents--ezTalks--Desktop--Log as below:


For Mac computer, go to Finder--Documents--ezTalks--Log as below:

downloads.intercomcdn.comio49784248a9f0325c6354db251fa173c7log-5.png{height ="" width="600"}

Please compress the log and send it to support@eztalks.com.

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