How do I find the history meeting details?

You can get a report of how many people have joined your meeting, how long they were in your meeting and what devices they used to join.

1. You can find the Meeting details from the user center page

Step 1 Sign in your ezTalks account, go to Meetings on the left side menu, then go to History and you can find all the meetings you have started. You can click on Details:

Step 2  Click on the Details of the meeting that you have hold and you can see all the details, including the starting time, the duration of the meeting and the participants info as below:

2. You can find the Meeting details from the desktop app

You can find the meeting details from the ezTalks app on Windows, Mac, iOS and Android devices.

Step 1  Download the ezTalks app from the ezTalk download center.

Step 2  Install the ezTalks app and sign in with your account.

Step 3  Then go to Meetings section and you can see the History meetings:

Step 4  Right click on the specific meeting and go to Details, then you can see the Participants details, Invitees and Chat messages as below:


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