How does a participant share his screen?

ezTalks allows to share screen on Windows, Mac and Android apps. Not only the host, the participants can also share screen during a meeting. While during a webinar, the host and presenter can share screen. Check the different cases below:

Case 1 How does a participant share his screen in a Meeting?

If a participant wants to share his screen in a Meeting, he need to join the meeting via Windows, Mac or Android app. Then click on the Share icon to share his screen. Check the demo below:


1. In a meeting, only one person can share the screen at one time.

2. If you use a Windows computer, you can share screen and computer sound, which means you can play a video to other participants.

3. Sharing screen is not supported yet on iOS devices.

Case 2 How does the participant share his screen in a Webinar?

1. If a participant want to share his screen in a Webinar, he must to be set as a panelist by the host first. 

2. Then the panelist can apply to be the presenter. Or the host makes the panelist to be the presenter. 

3. After that, the presenter can see the Share icon on the bottom of the video screen:

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