How to authorize a licence to your teammates?

If you buy more than one host, you can authorize the additional host licence to your sub-accounts. Here are the steps:

    Step 1 Login your ezTalks dashboard page and find the Teammate option on the left hand side menu:

    Step 2. Click on Add Teammates and input the email address of the user. 

    Step 3. After you add the teammate, you can authorize the Meetings or Webinar plan to him:


    1. Once you authorize the service to the teammate, he will receive an invitation email address as below:

     2. You can also cancel his service. Click on Authorize again and un-check the option of the related plan. He will receive an email notification once you cancel the plan.

    3. You can log in the account page of the teammates that you have authorized with a plan. Click on More-Log in, then you can log in his account page:

    4. If you need to go back to your own account page, click on Back to my account on the top of the right corner:


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