How to change the video layout?

1. What is video layout?

When you host or join a meeting, you can see the videos in two modes: Presenter View and Gallery View. 

Presenter View: also called PIP view. It only shows two people's videos. One is larger and the other is smaller. 

Gallery View: it shows all the videos of the participants in the same size.

2. How can I switch between the different video layout?

For PC app: you can see a button of the middle of the right side as below:

For Mobile app: you can slide the page from left to right to change the view mode:

3. What is Active Speaker?

When there are 3 or more participants in the meeting, ezTalks dynamically detects who is speaking and automatically shifts the video feed to the active speaker, which means the larger video window keeps switching to the active speaker. However, if it is just you and one other participant, your own video will be the smaller one and the participant is the larger one.

4. How can I disable the Active Speaker?

Pin video allows you to fix a specific participant's video no matter he/she is the active speaker or not. If you pin a specific participant's video, he/she will show as the larger video in the presenter view and will be on the top in the gallery view. Pinning another participant's video will only affect your local view, not the view of other participants. 

If you enable the PIN video feature, it will disable the Active Speaker mode. Learn how to pin a video.


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