How to install other apps on the Meet Pro?

The Meet Pro has an android system, but it does not support downloading app directly from the Google Play store. If you need to install other apps on the Meet Pro, please refer to the steps below.

Step 1 Connect a mouse and keyboard to the Meet Pro. 

Step 2 Go to the Home page of the device:

Step 3. On the Home page, open the Google Chrome browser and in the address bar, type in the URL:

Step 4. On the APK downloader page,  search the related app and then Click on Download APK:

Step 5 Download from the Original Server:

Step 6. After you download it, click on Details and then double click on the apk file to install the app. If you cannot find the downloaded file, go to the three-dots icon on the up right corner of the browser and go to Downloads:

Step 7. After you install the app, you can go back to the Home page and click on the little arrow button as below to find the app:

You can find all the apps on the Home page:


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