How to invite attendees?

You can invite your participants to join your meeting in different ways, including: sharing a link, sending an email via ezTalks system, sending an email via your own email box.

Step 1  If you have scheduled a meeting from the user center page, you can click on Invite on the Meetings-Upcoming page.

Step 2 Then you can invite your participants in different ways:

1. You can invite contacts directly if you have uploaded contacts to your account.

2. You can invite by your own email or Gmail.

3. You can invite by ezTalks system.

4. You can copy the invitation link to send it to your participants.

Alternatively, if you have already installed the ezTalks app on your computer, you can invite your attendees from the app. Please check the demo below:

From the ezTalks app, you can also invite your participants in different ways:

invite by app

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