How to invite participants to join your webinar?

If you have already scheduled a webinar, you can invite your attendees in different ways.

  • Share the Webinar link
  • Send invitation emails

Step 1 Go to My Webinar page, then you can see the scheduled webinar. Right click on the webinar or click on More and you can see a few options: Copy the Registration URL, Invite Panelist, Invite Participants:

  • Copy the registration link: you can share the link to any social media platform so that your participants can register for it.
  • Invite Panelist: the panelist is the one who can talk and make presentation in your webinar. You need to invite them by entering their email address.
  • Invite Participant: the participants means the view-only audience.

Step 2 When you can click on Invite Panelist or Participant, it will navigate to the page below and invite by Contacts or by Emails as below.

If you choose Invite by Emails, you can enter the email address in the box and click in Invite button.

Alternatively, you can choose Default Email, Gmail or Outlook, so you can edit the email content and send out the invitation from your own email address.


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