How to Join a Meeting by Calling a Toll-free Number?

As a host, if you want to provide a toll-free number for the participants to call in your meeting, you need to subscribe the ezTalks Audio plan. Have a look of the supported countries and rates here. If you do not subscribe the audio plan, your participants can join your meeting via:

1. How to join a meeting by calling a toll-free number?

Step 1. The host needs to subscribe the plan and then the numbers will show in the meeting invitation email.

Step 2. The participants dial in with the number, and then enter the meeting ID.

Step 3. Once the participants are in the meeting, they can press the pound key (#) to mute themselves and pres the star key (*) to speak. 

    2. How does the host check the audio bill?

    Sign in your ezTalks account, go to the account section on the bottom of the left corner--Billing--Audio Bill and you can see all the audio billings:


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