How to join a meeting by telephone call-in?

ezTalks allows to join a meeting via telephone dialing in (using a traditional telephone). This is useful in occasions where:

  • there is no microphone or speaker on your computer
  • there is no available smartphone to download the app 
  • there is no Internet connection on your computer/smartphone

Please refer to the steps below to join a meeting by a normal telephone.

  1. The host will give you a meeting ID or send you an invitation email as below:

2. Dial the telephone number from the invitation email. Please click here to check the list of available numbers of different countries. If you join by the ezTalks app, you can also find the numbers from the audio page:

3. You will be required to enter the meeting ID with the # key. The meeting ID is an 8-digit number provided by the host.


  1. Once you are in the meeting, you can press the pound key (#) to mute yourself and pres the star key (*) to speak. 
  2. The host can see you in the participant list and has the ability to mute/unmute you and remove you as below:

3. The host can also join the meeting by telephone call-in with the meeting ID and participant ID. Please read the article about how to Join by Computer/Mobile Device for Video and Telephone Call-in for Audio?