How to launch a poll during a meeting?

As a host, you can launch a poll during a meeting. This feature is available on Windows, Mac, iOS and Android appsHere are the steps:

Step 1  Start a meeting with the ezTalks app and you can see the Poll option on the toolbar:

Step 2 Click on Launch A Poll, and there are two types of questions for polling. The first is single choice where attendees will only be able to select one answer. The other is multiple choice, where users will be able to select multiple answers.

Step 3 After you make the questions and answers, press Send, then you can select a choice on your own and check the Poll Results:

If you do not need to vote, you can simply close the Polling page and then you can directly check the Reports:

Step 4 The participants will receive a message to Vote Now or Later on their computer:


1. If you want to make more polls, you can repeat the steps above and all the polling results will be listed on the Polling page:

2. If you use a mobile device to launch a poll, you can find the option by clicking on the three-dots icon and find the Polling option:


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