How to locally record a meeting/webinar on Windows computer?

ezTalks allows you to record a meeting or webinar locally on a Windows computer. If you are using Mac computer, click here to see how to record a meeting on a Mac computer.

Step 1. Start a meeting/webinar on your Windows computer and you will see the Record button on the bottom toolbar. Click the Record button and you can see Local Recording and Cloud Recording. Choose Local Recording:

Step 2. Then you can see the recording icon on the left upside corner, which means the meeting/webinar is recording now:

Step 3. If you stop the recording, the recorded files will be automatically saved to your local computer drive. You can click OK as below to view the file:

Step 4. If you forget to view the file, you can go the Settings page and find the recording file path. On the Settings page, you can also choose to record Video and Audio or record Audio Only:


  • The recording format of the video is MP4 and the audio is MP3.
  • The local recording will record the whole screen of your computer. So you can change the window to fullscreen mode by clicking the button as below:

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