How to restart a meeting?

If you want to host a meeting with the same meeting ID every time, you can go to the history meeting list and restart it, and your participants can join the same meeting with the same meeting ID or invitation link.  

Case 1  Restart a meeting on the PC app

On the ezTalks app on your Windows computer, go to the Meetings--History list and find the meeting. Right click on it and click on Restart as below:

Case 2  Restart a meeting on the mobile app

1. Open the ezTalks app on your Android phone, iPhone or iPad, go to Meetings--History, click the meeting that you need to restart as below:

2. Click on the three-dot icon on the top of the right corner and click on Restart:


1. There is no limit on how many times you can restart the meeting, so you can restart it whenever you need.

2. If you want to schedule a recurring meeting, please click here to read the instruction.


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