How to schedule a meeting?

You can schedule a meeting from your account dashboard page or directly from the ezTalks app. Wherever you schedule a meeting, it will be synchronized on any device once your sign in with the same account.

Case 1 How to schedule a meeting from your ezTalks account dashboard?

Step 1  Sign in your ezTalks account, find the Schedule a Meeting/Webinar section and click on Schedule as below:

Step 2 Then you can input the Topic, Start time, Duration, Time Zone and Description as below, and click on Schedule:

Step 3 After you schedule the meeting, you can find it on Upcoming list. Now you can invite participants or start the meeting by clicking the buttons next to it:

Case 2  How to schedule a meeting from the ezTalks app?

You can schedule a meeting from the ezTalks app on Windows, Mac, iOS and Android devices.

Step 1  Download the ezTalks app from the ezTalk download center.

Step 2  Install the ezTalks app and sign in with your account.

Step 3  Click on the + button and then click on Schedule a Meeting. Please check the demo below:

Schedule a meeting from app


1. You can make a recurring meeting if you have a regular meeting every day/week/month.

2. You can add the meeting to your calendar.

3. The steps are the same on a Mac/Android/iOS device.

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