How to schedule a meeting to the ezTalks Rooms?

The ezTalks mobile apps support to schedule meetings to the ezTalks Rooms. Here are the steps:

Step 1. Download and install the ezTalks app on your Android or iPhone/iPad. You can search "ezTalks Video Meetings" from Google Play or Apple Store to install it.

Step 2 Log in your account on your mobile and go to the Meetings section. Click on the + button and go to Schedule a meeting, then you can see Add to Room:

Step 3 You can select a room that you need to schedule the meeting to. It will show whether the room is occupied or not at that time. If it is occupied, you can select another time by moving the blue bar up and down:

Step 4  After you select the time, go back to the scheduling page and Save it. 

Step 5 If you want to see the scheduled meeting on the Room, you can go to More-Rooms on the mobile app:

And you can find the Room Calendar as below:


If you have a few accounts that need to schedule meetings to the Rooms, then all people can use the mobile apps to schedule meetings to Room in order to avoid conflicting time to use the Room.