How to set Meet X from going to sleep?

Step 1 Go to Windows Settings-Power & Sleep settings to turn off sleep.

1. Choose Never for both options

2. go to Additional Power settings under the Related Settings part

Step 2 On this page, find Power Options-Preferred plans-Balanced, then click on Change plan settings

Step 3 On this page, Click Change advanced power settings:

Ste p4 On this page, Choose Power buttons and lid

1. Power button action, setting: Do nothing

2. Sleep button action, setting: Do nothing

3. And then click OK to save all changes

Please note:

We notice that some users might short press the power button on the remote controller to turn off the camera, however, in this way, the monitor just goes to black, but not turn off the camera. How to avoid the monitor goes to black, please do as the following steps.

  • Connect the power supply to Meet X and the display, hit the power button at the back of the unit to set up the camera.
  • Shortpress (1 second) the power button on the remote controller, then the monitor will go to black. Please do not worry that this is the normal step.
  • Long press (2 second) the power button on the remote controller, then the camera will be completed turned off.

Reboot the camera by short press the remote controller or the button on the back of the camera, the camera will not go to black any more, even the user mistaken short press the power button of the remote controller.