How to set up a paid webinar?

ezTalks supports to set up a paid webinar. You can charge your audience a fee to register for your webinar. Here is an article about how to schedule a paid webinar.

Step 1  Sign in your ezTalks account from the user center.

Step 2  Go to Webinar-Schedule a Webinar and you can select Paid as below:

Step 3  Add your PayPal account and input the price and currency.

Step 4  Continue to finish the other sections of Waiting Room, Registration and Thank You Page. You can refer to the Quick Start Guide to schedule a webinar.

Step 5 After you publish the webinar, you can send the registration link to your participants and they will see a page requiring to pay:

Once the participants pay, they will receive a confirmation email with the guide of how to join the webinar.

Step 6 You can go to the my webinar page, click on More-View Registrants Details to check how many people have registered and paid for it. The payment status is Success or Pending as below:


Question: Can I allow people to join a paid webinar for free?

Yes, you can allow people to join a paid webinar without having to pay. Here are the steps:

Step 1. After you set up the paid webinar,you can go to the  my webinar page, click on More-Copy the Registration Link and send the link to them.

Step 2. Then ask them to click on the link and fill in the name, email address, etc and click on Pay Now, then close the window with no need to proceed to Pay.

Step 3 Then you(the host) can go to the my webinar page, click on More-View Registrants Details, right click on the registrant and click on Confirm as below:

Step 4 After that, they will receive an email as below. They can join the webinar via the link without paying.


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