How to share computer sound during screen sharing

ezTalks Windows app supports to share computer sound during a meeting or webinar. That means, you can play music or videos when you are in a meeting or webinar. 

Step 1. Start a meeting or webinar and you can find the Share button on the bottom toolbar of the room window:

Step 2. Click on Share Desktop and select share computer sound:

Step 3. Then you can play music or videos and the participants can hear that.


When you are sharing screen, you can see the toolbar on the top of the screen. You can pin the toolbar on the top. If you do not pin it, the toolbar will be hidden in 3 seconds.

You can also show videos of active speaker, stop sharing, enable annotations. You can also give mouse control to other participants if you both use Windows computer. Check the screenshot below:

sharing toolbar

Step 4  If you need to stop sharing, click on the red button on the top toolbar as below:


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