How to share screen on the Android app?

In a meeting, both the host and participant are able to share screen, one at one time, though. 

In a webinar, the host and presenter are able to share screen. The participant can only watch it.

This article is about how to share screen on  Android app. This feature is not available on iOS app yet.

Step 1. When you have started or joined a meeting on your android device, you can see the Share icon on the bottom, click on it and go to Screen:


1. You can leave the ezTalks app in the background when you are sharing the mobile screen. 

2. When you watch the sharing screen of the Android app from a computer, it looks like below:

Step 2. If you want to stop sharing, click on the ezTalks app again and find the Sharing button on the bottom, then click Stop Sharing as below:

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