How to share whiteboard on the mobile app?

In a meeting, both the host and participant are able to share whiteboard, one at one time, though. When one person is sharing the whiteboard, the others are able to do annotations on it.

In a webinar, the host and presenter are able to share whiteboard and do annotations. The participant can only watch it.

This article is about how to share whiteboard on mobile apps, including Android and iOS.

Step 1. When you have started or joined a meeting, you can see the Share icon on the bottom, click on it and go to Whiteboard:

Step 2. On the Whiteboard, there are a few options as below:

  • Annotation: you can enable annotation and allow others to annotate on your whiteboard.
  • Toolbar: there are pen, highlighter, text, eraser and color options.
  • If you want to see the participants' videos, you can slide to the second page, where shows all the videos.

Step 3. If you need to stop sharing whiteboard, click on the toolbar icon and you can see the options on the bottom, click on the red whiteboard icon and you can stop sharing the whiteboard:



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