How to start a webinar?

The Webinar is a one-way communication event. The participants can join a webinar via web browser on any devices, however the host and presenter need to download the app so that they can talk and share screen in a webinar. This article is about how to start a webinar.

Case 1 Start a webinar from the dashboard

Go to My Webinar page, then you can see the scheduled webinar. You can click on the Start button on the right hand side:

It will ask you to open the ezTalks launcher to enter the meeting room.

Note: if you have not installed the ezTalks app yet, it will download the app first.

Case 2 Start a webinar from the ezTalks app

Step 1  Download the ezTalks app from the ezTalk download center.

Step 2  Install the ezTalks app and sign in with your account.

Step 3 Go to the Webinar section and you can find your schedule webinar. Right click on webinar and you can Start it:


You can download the ezTalks app on Windows, Mac, iOS and android devices to start a webinar.


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