How to Stream an ezTalks Webinar on YouTube?

ezTalks Webinar service allows streaming a webinar on YouTube. Here are the steps about how to schedule a webinar and stream it to YouTube.

Note: It takes 24 hours to activate your YouTube account for live streaming. Therefore, please activate your YouTube live streaming in advance.

Step 1  Sign in your ezTalks account from the user center.

Step 2  Go to Webinar-Schedule a Webinar and you can see Live Streaming, and you can choose YouTube Live, where it ask for a Server URL and Stream Key.

Step 3  You'll find your Server URL and Streaming Key under the Encoder Setup within the YouTube Live Streaming section of your account:

Step 4  Copy and paste the Server URL and Streaming Key into the settings of ezTalks Webinar scheduling page.. You will need to click reveal to access the Key. Do not share that key with anyone else.

Step 5 Continue to finish the other sections of Waiting Room, Registration and Thank You Page. You can refer to the Quick Start Guide to schedule a webinar.

After you start your webinar, you can also go to your YouTube Live dashboard, and you will see your stream.

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