How to turn on/off participants' video?

As the host, you can turn off or request to turn on the participants' video before they join your meeting as well as those who are already in the meeting.

1. How can I turn on/off participants' video before they join my meeting?

You can turn off the participants' video on Windows app. The other apps are still under developing.

Step 1. Sign in the ezTalks app on your computer, and go to the Settings page. You can refer to the screenshot below to find the Settings page:

Step 2. Go to the Meetings page and scroll down the page to the bottom, find the For Participants section, then select: Automatically turn off the participants' videos as they join the meeting. 

If you do not want the participants to turn on the video by themselves, you can select the fourth option: All Participants should be granted by the host before turning on videos

If you enable both options above, the participants cannot turn on their videos by themselves. When they join your meeting, they can see the video icon is in grey:

If they need to turn on the video, they can click on the video icon and you can see a pop-up window to accept the application:


Alternatively, you can go to the Participants list and see the raising hand icon as below. You can right click on the name and click Turn on video:

2. How can I turn on/off the participants' video during a meeting?

Step 1 After you start a meeting and your participants join, you can find the participants list on the bottom:

Step 2 Right click on the participant name, you can see Video On:

Step 3 Then the participants will receive a pop-up window to accept the request:


Please note:

The host can directly turn off the video of the participants without permission, but if the host needs to turn on the participant's video, the participant needs to Accept if first.



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