Quick Start Guide as a Host

This article provides an overview of ezTalks products and cover most questions that you may have. If you cannot find an answer for your question, please send us feedback.

1. What are the differences between Meetings, Webinar and Rooms solutions?

The Meetings is two-way communication for a collaborative event. The Meetings service is software-based, so participants is required to download the ezTalks apps. And all participants are able to interact with each other, such as talk, share screen & whiteboard, make annotation.

The Webinar is one-way communication for training, marketing and so on. The audience can join a webinar from any web browser without downloading any software. The host and panelist are required to download the app in order to give presentation. 

The Rooms is a conference room solution. You can use the ezTalks Meetings app to control the Rooms software to host/join meetings in a conference room. External camera, microphone and speaker may be required to be installed in order to cover more than one people in a conference room.

2. What are the differences of free plan and paid plans?

The Meetings starter plan is free and it allows all the features except online view of cloud recording and API. Each meeting is limited to 40 minutes. The paid plans does not have limit on duration and allow you to enjoy more services, such as API, more cloud space and online view of cloud recording videos.

The Webinar allows 100 minutes in total for free trial with limited features. You can see all features on the pricing page.

3. Does everyone need to download the app to use ezTalks service?

ezTalks is software based service. As a host, you need to install the app to host a meeting or webinar. However, there are different cases for the participants.

To join a Meeting:

The participants do not need to sign up any account to join a meeting, but they need to install the app, alternatively, they can join a meeting via telephone call-in.

To join a Webinar:

The view-only participants do not need to install app. They can join directly from the web browser.

The panelist needs to download the app first in order to make presentation in a webinar.

4. How to use ezTalks Meetings?

ezTalks Meetings provides different plans. The Starter plan is free to use and the duration is limited to 40 minutes for each session. The Standard and upper plans have no limit in duration and include all features. Have a quick look of the plans and features.

Here is the guide of how to use the Meetings service.

5. How to use ezTalks Webinar?

ezTalks Webinar provides 100 minutes in total for free test. If the 100 minutes run out, you can subscribe the Standard and upper plans. Have a quick look of the plans and features.

Here is the guide of how to use the Webinar service.

6. How to use ezTalks Rooms?

ezTalks provides both software and different hardware devices for different sizes of conference rooms. Have a quick look of the products for different rooms.

Here is the guide of how to use the Rooms software.

7. How does the subscription service work? Can I cancel my subscription?

ezTalks is a subscription-based service with monthly, multi-month or annual plans, which means that your plan renews every month or year (depending on the term you choose). You can cancel your subscription at any time during your plan term to cancel the auto-renewal of your subscription.

8. What is the refund policy?

For ezTalks software, including Meetings, Webinar and Rooms, if you are not satisfied with the service, we will issue a full refund within 7 days of purchase.
For ezTalks hardware, within 30 days from the purchase date, we will accept a full refund of the purchase price (but not of shipping costs). We provide one year repair or replacement warranty for free (excluding shipping costs). Here is the Purchase and Return Policy


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