Quick Start Guide for ezTalks Meetings
  • 26 May 2020
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Quick Start Guide for ezTalks Meetings

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ezTalks provides Meetings, Webinar and Rooms solution. The ezTalks Meetings is two-way communication for a collaborative event. It is software-based, so participants are required to download the ezTalks apps as well. Alternatively they can join by telephone call-in. All participants are able to interact with each other, such as talk, share screen & whiteboard, make annotation. Click here to check the differences between the different services.

Here is a video tutorial about how to use ezTalks Meetings service.

1. How to start an instant meeting?

Step 1 Sign in your ezTalks account, find the Start an Instant Meeting section and click on Start as below:


Step 2 It will ask you to open the ezTalks launcher to enter the meeting room.

Note : if you have not installed the ezTalks app yet, it will download the app first.
Alternatively, you can start an instant video/audio meeting directly from the ezTalks app, which is much more easier. Please check below:

2. How to schedule a meeting from your ezTalks account dashboard?

Step 1 Sign in your ezTalks account, find the Schedule a Meeting/Webinar section and click on Schedule as below:

Step 2 Then you can input the Topic, Start time, Duration, Time Zone and Description as below, and click on Schedule:

Step 3 After you schedule the meeting, you can find it on Upcoming list. Now you can invite participants or start the meeting by clicking the buttons next to it:

3. How to schedule a meeting from the ezTalks app?

Step 1 Download the ezTalks app from the ezTalk download center.
Step 2 Install the ezTalks app and sign in with your account.
Step 3 Click on the + button and then click on Schedule a Meeting. Please check the demo below:


  1. You can make a recurring meeting if you have a regular meeting every day/week/month.
  2. You can add the meeting to your calendar.
  3. The steps are the same on a Mac/Android/iOS device.

4. How to invite participants to join your meeting?

Step 1 If you have scheduled a meeting from your account dashboard, you can click on Invite on theMeetings -Upcoming page.

Step 2 Then you can invite your participants in different ways:

  1. You can invite contacts directly if you have uploaded contacts to your account.
  2. You can invite by emails.
  3. You can copy the invitation link to send it to your participants.

Alternatively, if you have already installed the ezTalks app on your computer, you can invite your attendees from the app. Please check the demo below:

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