Quick Start Guide for ezTalks Webinar
  • 26 May 2020
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Quick Start Guide for ezTalks Webinar

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ezTalks provides Meetings, Webinar and Rooms solution. The Webinar is a one-way communication event. The participants can join a webinar via web browser on any devices, though the host and presenter need to download the app so that they can talk and share screen in a webinar. Click here to check the differences between the different services.
Here is a video tutorial about how to use ezTalks Webinar:

Question 1. How to schedule a webinar?

Step 1 Sign in your ezTalks dashboard page. If you do not have an account yet, please sign up an ezTalks account.

Step 2 Go to the Webinar option on the left menu and click on Schedule a Webinar .
There are four parts to schedule a webinar: Details, Waiting Rooms, Registration and Thank you page.


1. Webinar Type: you can schedule Live Webinar, Automated Webinar and On-demand webinar. Automated webinar is a pre-recorded webinar that you can set a particular time for the webinar to be started automatically. On-demand webinar is also a pre-recorded webinar that can be played at any time.

2. Registration: if you need your participants to register for your webinar, you can turn it on.

  • Registration Notification: if you want to receive email notification, you can keep this feature checked.
  • Registrant Limit : you can limit the number of registrants.
  • Approve: you can choose to automatically approve the registrant to join your webinar to manually approve them to join.

3. Paid Webinar: you can make a paid webinar and configure PayPal as the paying method.

4. Live Streaming: you can stream your webinar to Facebook or YouTube channel.

5. Cloud Recording: you can keep this feature on and the webinar will be automatically recorded when starts.

6. Reminder email: you can customize the reminder email sender and email address. So the registrants will receive a reminder email from your own email address.

7. Chat Feature: you can limit the chat to allow the participants to chat with host only or chat with everyone and host.

8. Redirect Attendees: you can customize the redirect page so that the participants will be redirected to your website after it ends.


  • Upload your own cover for the waiting room
  • Make an agenda


  • Upload your own logo
  • Select the fields for the participants to register

On the THANK YOU PAGE, you can:

Select Default page. When someone registers, it will automatically redirect registrants to the default page.

Or select custom page. You can custom the page by entering a URL.

Step 3 After completing all the information, you can click on Preview, Save or Publish the webinar. Step 4 After you publish the webinar, you can invite the attendees to join your webinar.

Question 2: How can I invite people to join my webinar?

Go to My Webinar page, then you can see the scheduled webinar. Right click on the webinar or click on More and you can see a few options: Copy the Registration URL, Invite Panelist, Invite Participants:

  • Copy the registration link : you can share the link to any social media platform so that your participants can register for it.
  • Invite Panelist : the panelist is the one who can talk and make presentation in your webinar. You need to invite them by entering their email address.
  • Invite Participant : the participants means the view-only audience.

Question 3 How do I check the registrants details?

Go to My Webinar page, then you can see the scheduled webinar. Right click on the webinar or click on More , then you can see View Registrant Details.

Then right click on the registrant and you can:

  • View Registration Details: including all the fields that you have them to fill in.
  • Resend invitation code: if they don't remember their code, you can resend to them.
  • Get the webinar room link for the registrants: if you can grab the webinar link and send to the registrant
  • Set him as panelist: you can set him as a panelist so that he can talk in your webinar.
  • Delete : you can delete him so that he cannot join the webinar

Question 4 How do I start my webinar?

Go to My Webinar page, then you can see the scheduled webinar. You can click on the Start button on the right hand side:

It will ask you to open the ezTalks launcher to enter the meeting room.

Note : if you have not installed the ezTalks app yet, it will download the app first.
Alternatively, you can start the webinar directly from the ezTalks app, which is much easier.

Question 5: What can I do during a webinar?

When you are in the webinar, you can control the webinar room as below:

  • Video : Turn the audio on/off. Change the video settings.

  • Audio : Turn the audio on/off. Change the audio settings.

  • Share : Share the Desktop/Whiteboard.

  • Chat: Send text messages to your participants.

  • Participants : Manage your participants in the webinar, such mute/unmute, kick out, make presenter etc. Please note that o nly when the participants join your webinar via the ezTalks app, they can show in the participant list.

  • Cloud Recording : You can record your webinar and it will be saved to the ezTalks cloud server.

  • Move to room : use the ezTalks Room device to host the webinar

  • Change View : Select Fullscreen or Picture in Picture view

  • More : You can find Webinar info, live support and Help there.

Question 6 How do I find my recording file?

If you have recorded the webinar, you can find the recording the file on the dashboard Storage page .

Right click on the recording file, you can:

  • Rename: rename the file.
  • Play: play the file from the web browser.
  • Share: you can share the file to others. You can configure the share options as below:

  • Get Shareable links: you can send the link to others.
  • Download: you can download it to your computer.
  • Move to Trash: you can move it to trash. It will not clear up your storage when moving to trash. If you need to clear up the space, you need to delete the file in the Trash
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