What can I do if I cannot start or join a meeting/webinar from the app?

When you start or join a meeting/webinar, and get errors like "Network error" or "Failed to Connect to Server", you can refer to the steps below to do troubleshooting.

Step 1: Check if the Internet connection is stable.

You can try a few times to see if it succeeds.  If you have other available network, try to connect to another network or your mobile hotspot and see if it succeeds.

Step 2: Check if there is VPN or proxy server in your network.

If yes, please disable the VPN or proxy server, which may block the ezTalks ports.

Step 3: Check if there is network restriction if you use company network or public network.

Click on the Windows key and R key on your keyboard, input cmd and then press Enter. Then run the commands:

  1. telnet t.eztalks.com 8888
  2. telnet t.eztalks.com 1089

 If you do not know how to run commands, ask your IT guy to help.Here is a demo gif:

If you use Mac computer, go to Launchpad and search Terminal on your Mac computer, then run the commands as above.

Step 4 If you cannot telnet the ports above, ask your IT department to open ports in your network.

The Ports that ezTalks uses are:

  1. t.eztalks.com 8888 (TCP)
  2. t.eztalks.com 1089  (TCP & UDP)
  3. api.eztalks.com 80  (TCP)
  4. api.eztalks.com 443  (TCP)
  5. s-im-a.eztalks.com 21000  (TCP)
  6. s-onion-a.eztalks.com 11000 (TCP)

Step 5 If it still does not work after opening ports, send the system log of the app to ezTalks support team.

For Windows computer, go to This PC--Documents--ezTalks--Desktop--Log as below:

For Mac computer, go to Finder--Documents--ezTalks--Log as below:

Please compress the log and send it to support@eztalks.com.


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