What can I do if I cannot install or open the ezTalks app on a Windows computer?

Case 1 When you install the app, it shows "ezTalks application or service is running", even though you click on Yes many time.

If you have the same problem, you can open cmd window and try to run the three commands below and send the screenshot results to support@eztalks.com.

tasklist|findstr /i "ezTalks.exe"|findstr /iv "uninstall_eztalks.exe"
tasklist|findstr /i "ezTalks-Launcher.exe"
tasklist|findstr /i /c:"ezTalks Launcher.exe"

Case 2 When opening the app, there is an error message pop-up

When you try to open the app, it shows the error message that " The program can't start because api-ms-win-crt-runtime-l1-1-0.dll is missing from your computer"  as below:

Cannot install app

The reason is that the Windows version is old and you need to download the Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 to fix the issue. Click here to get the downloading link.

Case 3  When opening the app, it does not respond at all

When you try to open the app, it does not respond at all, it could be another software on your computer that blocks the ezTalks app. In that case, please send an email to support@eztalks.com or submit a ticket here and we can remotely troubleshoot with you.