What can I do if the video or audio is lagging on a Mac computer?

Step 1  Test the Internet connection.

Go to Launchpad and search Terminal on your Mac computer, then type in: ping t.eztalks.com -s 1500 -W 2000 as below:

If the average milli-seconds is more than 2000, that means your Internet connection is slow and please contact your network technician to check the network settings.

Step 2  Change the Frame rate and Bitrate of the video.

If the Internet connection cannot be improved, you may try to change the Frame rate and Bitrate of the video to a smaller value so that less bandwidth is required to stream the video. Please click here to find the Settings page. Go to Video and change the rate as below:

Step 3  Send the system log of the app to ezTalks support team.

If you have gone through all the steps above, but the problem still exists. Please send the system log of the software on the very day and send it to support@eztalks.com

The path of the syslog is: Finder--Applications--ezTalks. app--Show Package Contents--Mac OS--Log. Please refer to the screenshot as below to find it: