What can I do if there is no audio during the meeting?

If you cannot hear others during a meeting, please refer to the steps below to troubleshoot.

Case 1: You cannot hear others from your computer

Step 1  Make sure the speaker of your computer is not muted and the volume is 100%. You can also go to Audio Settings of the app and test the speaker as below.

If you can hear the test music, that means the speaker is working fine. If not, please try to select another speaker on the same page as below:

Step 2  Check whether the participants have enabled their microphone. Go to the Participant icon and make sure the microphone icons are not slashed out.

Case 2  You cannot hear others from your mobile device

Step 1  Make sure your speaker is blue on and the participant has turned on the mic. Find the Participants list as below:

Step 2. The make sure the mic and video icon are in blue: