What is the difference between ezTalks Meetings Free Plan and Paid Plans?

ezTalks Meetings include Starter plan, Standard plan, Pro plan and Business plan. The starter plan is free and the others are paid based on different features and number of participants.

Here is the comparison between the free plan and paid plans.

1. Price

The Starter plan is lifetime free. Once you sign up an ezTalks account, you can use the starter plan for unlimted meetings.

The paid plans start from $13 per host/month. You can subscribe the plan for one month, multiple months or for years.

2. Duration of a Meeting

With the Starter plan, the duration is limited to 40 minutes for each session. You can instantly start a new meeting for another 40 minutes.

With the paid plans, there is no limit on the meeting duration. And you can host unlimited number of meetings. You don't need to restart a meeting after 40 minutes and have everybody re-join a different meeting.

3. Number of Participants

The Starter plan supports 100 participants to join a meeting simultaneously.

The  paid plans support up to 500 participants.

4. Features

The Starter plan has all the basic features to accomplish a video meeting. 

The paid plans provide more admin features, such as meeting reporting and user management. Meeting reporting allows you to have a overall look of how many upcoming meetings and history meetings you have. If you buy more than one host, user management allows you to authorize the host right to another user.