Why can't I enable flash player when joining a webinar?

When you join a webinar, the web browser may block the flash player as showing in the picture below:

Solution 1: Enable the flash player

Step 1: In the Google Chrome browser, open the flash player settings page by coping and pasting the URL below:


Step 2: Enable the option of Ask first:

Step 3: Then join the webinar and click on Run Flash Player again and it will pop up a window to allow Run Flash:

Step 4: After you allow the Flash Player from the web browser, the web browser will start to stream the video from the webinar.

Solution 2: Switch to standard video streaming

ezTalks Webinar also supports HTML 5 streaming. You do not need to enable flash player, instead, you can switch to the standard video streaming.

Step 1: Click on the second option of switch to standard video streaming:

Step 2: It might show the message as below:

Step 3: Refresh the page and click on switch to standard video streaming again. Then the webinar will start to stream.

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